2nd Annual Holiday Party &  VFW Airlift, December 2012

Holiday Party

Our second annual Holiday Party and Charity Drive was an even greater success than the previous one!

Once again, CABA and the Flight Team of Metro State University of Denver collaborated to promote and produce this event. Our Flight Attendants' Group placed drop-boxes at nearly 30 locations including FBOs, businesses, and campuses around the Denver metro area. Our goal was to collect 3,000 pounds and we far exceeded that, amassing 3,500 lbs of food and toys.

The party was held in a Club-level suite at Coors Field. Sponsors were treated to a video display of their logos on the giant scoreboard screen in left field as well as on TV monitors throughout the suite. Much fun was had by all as people mingled and enjoyed very tasty food catered by Bistro Boys.

CABA Board Chair Brittany Davies took a few moments to thank everyone for their donations. Tanya Gatlin, the Metro Flight Team Coach and Professor in the Aviation & Aerospace Department, told the crowd about the team and how well it was doing in national competitions. She also introduced the pilot-students who would be flying the donation flights.

Keynote speakers included Mark Sirangelo of Sierra Nevada Corporation and Joe Rice of Lockheed Martin. Vice Chair Barry Stidham then presented Jeremy Knight with the CAE SimuFlite Citation 500 Type Rating Scholarship. Jeremy is currently a flight instructor at McAir Aviation at Rocky Mountain Metro Airport, and will fulfill his scholarship sometime during the spring of 2013.

Two days after the party, CABA members and members of the Metro Flight Team then donated their time, efforts, and aircraft to fly the goods to VFW representatives in Grand Junction/Montrose, Burlington, Trinidad, and Alamosa for distribution. A total of fifteen aircraft were used to deliver the donated goods.

It was very gratifying to us in CABA and the Metro Flight Team to be able to deliver toys and food to those veterans and their families who needed it the most this past holiday season. We plan to continue and grow this event, demonstrating again how aviation contributes in a positive way to our community and our state.

We wish to give you ALL a heartfelt THANK YOU! so much for your time and efforts in donating the goods and helping us to make this possible!

Photos by Chris Swathwood and Mike Straka (click to view larger images)
At the registration table     At the registration table     At the registration table     At the registration table     Chairwoman Brittany Davies     Chairwoman Brittany Davies     Chairwoman Brittany Davies and Metro State Flight Team Coach Tanya Gatlin     Scott Dulaney, Mayo Aviation     Joe Rice, Lockheed Martin     Joe Rice, Lockheed Martin     Mark Sirangelo, Sierra Nevada Corporation     Mark Sirangelo, Sierra Nevada Corporation     Mark Sirangelo, Sierra Nevada Corporation     Colorado VFW Past Commander Ron Davies     VFW Past Commander Ron Davies     Chairwoman Brittany Davies and her father, VFW Past Commander Ron Davies     Vice Chairman Barry Stidham and CAE SimuFlite Scholarship recipient Jeremy Knight     Vice Chairman Barry Stidham presents the CAE SimuFlite Type Rating Scholarship to Jeremy Knight     Metro State University Flight Team with Coach Tanya Gatlin     Board Members Chris Swathwood, Iver Retrum with his wife Jess, and Tiffany Hiler     Party Scene     Party Scene     Flight Team members Samantha Sizemore and Joshua Falgoust with a friend     DJ Shay     Party Scene     Party Scene     Party Scene     Stacey DeFore, Chairwoman of the Colorado Space Business Roundtable, with Brittany Davies, CABA Chairwoman     Tanya Gatlin and her daughter, and CABA Intern Fabien Vivier with a friend     A group from Tempus Aviation     A group from Tempus Aviation

VFW Holiday Airlift

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