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The Colorado Aviation Business Association (CABA) is a grass-roots membership organization focused on the support and promotion of Business and General Aviation across the State of Colorado.

We inform our membership about legislative, airport, and airspace issues that may affect their businesses or their flying, and we provide them with a powerful voice in those issues. We also present a variety of educational opportunities, often coupled with aircraft static displays, for both aviation professionals and the public. 

Through our charitable efforts, we stay engaged with the larger community as good neighbors. And we help assure the future of our industry by arranging for internships and mentoring, and by providing scholarships for young people aspiring to careers in aviation.

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The mission of CABA is to promote the value of business and general aviation across the State of Colorado. Since 1994, CABA has seen substantial growth in membership, activism, community presence, charitable activities, and the CABA Foundation. Learn more here.

Front Page Update: Holiday Party & VFW AIrlift

November 21, 2021

CABA Holiday Party in Support of Airlift - Dec 2, 2021. Sponsorships & Tables Are Available!

Coming up in December will be the 10+1 Holiday Party on December 2, with the 11th Annual CABA-VFW Airlift. being conducted that ensuing weekend of December 3-4-5.

Both of these events support Colorado military veterans and their families facing challenges during the holiday season. The toys and food collected and delivered by volunteer pilots truly help to brighten the holidays which might not be so bright othwerwise.

The party will be held at Social Capitol, an awesome venue in Arvada near 65th & Wadsworth Blvd. Sponsorships are available so sign up on the Events page and help out our vets by bringing your donations of toys, non-perishable food, and financial support. Your donations will be combined with that collected by the Colorado VFW and all cargo will be delivered the weekend of December 3-4-5 by volunteer pilots from around the area, including the flight teams of Metro State University of Denver and other volunteer pilots.

Flights will depart Sunday morning December 5 from Signature Flight Support at Centennial Airport as weather permits, and VFW volunteers at the destination airports will personally transport the goods to veterans and their families.

We hope to see you at the party but even if you are unable, you can still support the cause! Visit the Events page to view ticket and sponsorship options.

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Legislative Representation Needs Your Support!

CABA needs your help.

In 2020 legislation was proposed to regulate PFAS (polyfluoroalkyl substances) which are chemicals used in firefighting foams and are incorporated into some hangar fire suppression systems. This legislation would have created a quasi-governmental "enterprise" to monitor and control such substances, and proposed to be funded through a 5-cents per gallon aviation "fuel fee". Such a fee is technically not a tax and can be implemented without any public discussion or input. However, we were able to successfully remove the fuel fee provision which would have added 5 cents to every gallon of Jet-A and AvGas purchased in Colorado. 

Given that the 2020 total fuel purchase was some 60 million gallons, business and general aviation operators and pilots saved a total of $3 MILLION! That is $3 million dollars you did NOT have to spend funding a nebulous "safety program" to monitor and control PFAS chemicals. This was a win for CABA because the level of risk from PFAS in Colorado aviation applications is estimated to exist in only about 15 hangars in the entire state. Higher quantities of PFAS are used by firefighting training events and since those occur outdoors the PFAS are more likely to enter groundwater and being very persistent in the environment, over time they pose a hazard to humans and wildlife. In contrast, PFAS releases in aircraft hangars are more readily cleaned up because they are contained within a confined area.

But make no mistake - this idea will not go away. In fact we may even see it again this year. This issue and others, such as a developing situation at Rocky Mountain Metro Airport (BJC) will require a focused effort to educate citizens and convince county commissioners and legislators of the critical nature of aviation and other airport businesses.

Staying on top of such issues are what part of your membership dues and donations are used for: we have a paid legislative affairs professional who is present at the Capitol every day and also meeting with members of the General Assembly.


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