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Airline Dominance of Air Traffic Control = Access Restrictions for Business Aviation

Airline Dominance of Air Traffic Control = Access Restrictions
 for Business Aviation

With Congress back in session this week, the big airlines are renewing their push to privatize the air traffic control (ATC) system as proposed in H.R. 2997. Already, tens of thousands in the general aviation (GA) community have contacted Congress to oppose H.R. 2997, but we must make our voices heard this week.

Privatizing ATC and turning the system over to an airline dominated board represents the single greatest threat business aviation has faced. Members of Congress are elected to serve their constituents, and as a $200 billion industry employing 1.1 million people, GA deserves to have its voice heard.

ATC privatization as proposed in H.R. 2997 is simply bad public policy:

  • Shifting to a privatized ATC system will increase the nation’s budget deficit by $100 billion.
  • Airline interests will dominate the private board running the system giving them power to prioritize access and resources to hub airports.
  • The GA community will be forced to hire lawyers and navigate a bureaucratic process to challenge airport and airspace access restrictions.

Please dial 833-428-6423 now and tell your member of Congress to oppose H.R. 2997.



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