Member Poll on Current Legislation Before the Colorado General Assembly

03 Feb 2020 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Dear Members,

We have been and continue to monitor this year's legislation under consideration in Colorado, and are asking you for your input. 

Your feedback is very important for CABA to better represent the interests of you and your business, as well as those of business and general aviation in Colorado. Your responses will enable us to serve your needs by either supporting or opposing these bills.

Some are directly aviation-related while others have impacts on the general business community in the state. Please take a few moments to read and understand what they will do and their consequences.

* VERY IMPORTANT*  We will need your feedback on these bills by Thursday Feb 6. 

You MUST be a CABA member and log in In order to access the poll. If you don't have your password, there is a Forgot Password link on the login page that will enable you to reset it.

We understand and apologize that this doesn't allow much time for consideration, but it is simply due to the nature of how the legislative process works: Bills are introduced in the House or Senate, assigned to and debated in committee, and then are either approved to move to the full body for debate and votes, or are killed in committee. Thus the situation changes almost daily and we must be ready to respond as rapidly as possible in our discussions and testimony at the Capitol.

This poll will be revised every two weeks, as various bills advance or are eliminated. Here are the bills for consideration in this poll (Bill Titles are links to the full text):

HB20-1143:  Environmental Justice And Projects Increase Environmental Fines

Concerning additional public health protections regarding alleged environmental violations, and, in connection therewith, raising the maximum fines for air quality and water quality violations and allocating the fines to environmental mitigation projects.

HB20-1154:  Workers' Compensation

Concerning the "Workers' Compensation Act of Colorado", and, in connection therewith, making changes that affect the timely payment of benefits, guardian and conservator services, offsets related to the receipt of federal disability or retirement benefits, the apportionment of benefits, the selection of independent medical examiners, limits on temporary disability and permanent partial disability payments, the withdrawal of admissions of liability, mileage expense reimbursement, the authority of prehearing administrative law judges, petitions to review, the reopening of permanent total disability awards, and appeals to the court of appeals.

HB20-1163:  Management of Single-Use Products

Concerning the management of single-use products.

HB20-1182:  Residents of Bordering States Sales Tax Exemption

Concerning the repeal of the sales tax exemption for sales to residents of bordering states without retail sales taxes.

HB20-1195:  Consumer Digital Repair Bill of Rights

Concerning a requirement that a manufacturer of digital electronic equipment facilitate the repair of the equipment by providing persons other than authorized repair providers affiliated with the manufacturer with the resources needed to repair the equipment.

SB20-130:  Backcountry Search and Rescue in Colorado

Concerning backcountry search and rescue services in Colorado.

SB20-131:  Reimbursement to P-tech Schools for College Costs

Concerning funding for pathways in technology early college high schools.

SB20-133:  Business Fiscal Impact Statements

Concerning the business fiscal impact notes.


Thank you very much for taking the time to respond!

Your CABA Board of Trustees appreciate your feedback!


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