Each year, CABA’s Board sets forth a list of priorities, including meetings and initiatives, which shall serve as the organization’s focus for the coming year. Our goal is that by focusing on a few key initiatives each year, we can better manage the time and energy of our volunteers and have a far greater impact on our industry that will benefit our members in a positive way.

Therefore, CABA’s Committees are extremely important to our organization because they are in place to execute on these priorities. These groups, consisting of CABA members, is a great way to get involved, meet other industry professionals and have a positive impact on the business aviation industry.

Get Involved!

Success of each committee is greatly affected by having the right people in the right job. So, if you’re interested in volunteering for a committee, please contact us and our Executive Director or a Board Member will get back to you to discuss your talents and which committees you may have the greatest impact.

Legislative Action Committee

This group is tasked with proactively developing relationships with state legislators and others in government to advocate for business and general aviation. The Board will set forth priorities for this group in general, but primarily, the members of this committee will address issues affecting aviation as they arise (i.e. User Fees, ATC Privatization, FAA Airspace Redesign within CO).

Educational Outreach Committee

This group is tasked with developing programs, scholarships and events designed to foster new talent for our industry, including pilots, maintenance professionals and other aviation-related jobs.

Membership Committee

This group is tasked with developing and expanding membership through outreach and events.

Communications Committee

This group is tasked with establishing guidelines and developing and/or approving content for all media platforms from which CABA communicates. This includes, but is not limited to: emails, website, social media, letters, signage and membership list management.

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